The Awkward Silences, the Empty Gestures & The Count of Chateau Noir

Outsider Pop is written and edited by Paul Hawkins. He has three musical projects you may be interested in (click on the band names to get to their websites).

Paul Hawkins & The Awkward Silences

Paul Hawkins & the Awkward Silences have released two albums and numerous singles to critical acclaim through Jezus Factory Records and have a small but much appreciated cult following in the UK, US, Holland, Belgium and France. New EP “The Wrong Life” will be released on Audio Antihero records later this year.

Scroll down for a selection of Awkward Silences videos.

The Count of Chateau Noir

Paul’s self-produced solo project.

The Empty Gestures (website coming soon)

A band defiantly on the poppier edge of Outsider Pop for which Paul writes the lyrics and shares vocal duties with Mary Boeker.

The Misdiagnosis of Paul Hawkins

You can also download an album of Paul’s earliest recordings with Awkward Silences’ Producer Ian Button here…

You can download Paul’s self-released pre-Awkward Silence solo album (and read Paul’s thought on it) here:
Tracks 1 -3
Tracks 4 – 6
Tracks 7 – 9
Tracks 10-13

Now, as promised a selection of Paul Hawkins & Awkward Silences videos:

I’ve Had My Fun

Every Word I Say to You Today Will Be a Lie

The Battle Is Over

The Evil Thoughts Video 1

The Evil Thoughts Video 2

I Believe in Karma

Don’t Blind Me With Science

You Can’t Make Somebody Love You

The Bigger Bone

The Yellow Castle on the Hill

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