About Outsider Pop

Outsiderpop.com is website edited by writer and musician Paul Hawkins. It features links to outsider pop bands he likes, information on his own projects and features & advice for aspiring DIY musicians.

What is Outsider Pop?

In the same way that outsider art refers to art made by artists working outside of art conventions, outsider pop refers to musicians that make music with the directness, energy and immediacy of pop music but with a defiance of musical and lyrical conventions.  Some of the acts we write about are bonafide superstars, some had brief glimpses of success and some may never get beyond the fringes of their respective music scenes but all of them possess a pop sensibility, a maverick spirit and a desire to entertain.

Outsider Pop is a celebration of individuality, showmanship and the willingness to fly in the face of norms and expectations to make brilliant music. 


Paul’s written most of the content, Ian Button’s written the guide to DIY recording and some of the opinion pieces and Kate Arnold and David Serra have contributed pieces too.

The photo on the top of the screen was taken by Sarah Bowerman.  Most of the photos of Paul Hawkins & The Awkward Silences were taken by Jeremy Walton but we’ve tried to credit where otherwise applicable.

One response to “About Outsider Pop

  1. I have claimed to have invented Outsider Pop all these years, and now I find this website.

    Hopefully we’ll won’t have to sue each other over it.



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