Recordo-Blog: Article 1 [Dandelion radio sesh]

[Hi there: Jes, bass player from PHATAS here, and this'll be the first part of my 'Recordo Blog'. It's a blog which I'll be updating on the internet, where basically I tell you all about various recordings and gigs that PHATAS have been 'gettin up to' recently, and how the new album 'How we lost the War' is getting along.....]: Jes Walton 21:26 aug 30th 2011

Deep inside a secret location in East London, nestled between the arches of a disused railway bridge, you can find them – [THE AWKWARDIANS] are tirelessly fashioning and fabricating precise musical components; intricately fitting them together; testing them and giving them the all clear for public consumption.

In this case the items fashioned (songs recorded) were:

Jonny: A horrific tale about a young lad that let’s temptation get the better of him, and decides to spend the money that his mother has given him (for the purpose of buying some liver from the local market) on sweets. Realising then – once the sweets have been gorged – that he now has a problem; and passing by a graveyard at the time, he spots a fresh cadaver waiting to be buried. Thinking on his feet, Jonny decides to – using the aid of his pen-knife, and the cadaver – substitute his current liver-less situation…….the consequences of which are far too horrific to tell on this blog!

Of Course I stole the train: A comical song (with extremely grave undertones) about a man that decides to steal a train. After waiting at the platform, for what seems an eternity – flanked by incredibly annoying members of the public. And on seeing that the cab of the train is empty, waiting for a changeover shift driver, the subject of our song decides to steal the train in order to get to his intended destination.

Precautionary Principle: A disco-floor slamming track about the dangers of not realising what you’re getting yourself into, when you jump head-long into a doomed relationship!

Gomorrah: This track is a definite must for any Eagles fans out there. It’s a personal favourite of mine.

Can’t make somebody love you: a stomping, 60′s twistesque, Awkwardian favourite. No need to explain what this one’s about…..the title speaks for itself!

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