There’s nothing in the silence to be frightened of.

So it’s all been quite quiet in the world of Outsider Pop for the last couple of months.

The bad news is this has been partly due to circumstances in the real world (i.e. public sector cuts meaning I have to find a new job so most of my time is taking up writing CVs and applications!) so may continue for a few more weeks yet.

The good news is it’s also because I have ambitious plans I’m putting into place. For the next few weeks you’ll have to content yourself with the odd Great Moment in Outsider Pop but there’s four albums in the pipeline (1 x Paul Hawkins & The Awkward Silences, 1 x Paul Hawkins, 1 x Empty Gestures and something very special) plus I’ve been given a lot of thought to the music world and the future of independent and DIY music that I’m really keen to share with people.

Just as soon as I have time to put it into words…

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