Five a Day No. 2 – Five Fantastic Suede B-Sides

Suede were the band that got Paul into music in the first place and their second album Dog Man Star might actually be his my favourite album of all time. They also possibly had the best collection of b-sides of any band ever.

Here’s 5 of the best. The versions here include one acoustic performance, one live performance, a video used in Suede’s live performances, a fan video and something else entirely and all the songs can be found on Suede’s Sci-Fi Lullabies b-sides compilation, which is – Dog Man Star aside – probably the best thing Suede ever released…

5.My Dark Star (B-Side to Stay Together)

MTV acoustic performance…

4.WSD (B-Side to Saturday Night)

I can’t actually find a ‘proper’ video for this but a quick search on Youtube reveals this video using it as the soundtrack to a film about the 60th anniversary of Chinese Communist Rule. A slighlty strange of song but, in fairness to whoever made it, the video is genuinely brilliant and probably works better as an “unofficial” video to a song than anything I’ve ever see on Youtube.

3.Another No-One (B-Side to Trash)

No such luck with a video this time, this one’s just a collection of photos. Amazing song though.

2.Killing of a Flash Boy (B-Side to We Are The Pigs)

A video used as a live backdrop back in 1995…

1. Europe Is Our Playground (Sci-Fi Lullabies, Disc 1, Re-recording of what was originally a B-side to Trash)

A live performance…

Paul Hawkins

5 a Day is a (theoretically) daily list of music-related miscellanea. As is the case with fruit and vegetables, there’s a fair chance Paul’s not going to manage his five a day everyday but hopefully he’ll do it often enough for it to have some overall benefit.

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